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    first sorry about posting in wrong spot thought I was in Dayz didnt pay attention. Had been hunting to see if someone asked this before I posted and didnt find that one so Thank you! It at first was a little hard to understand but in-case anyone else needs to undstand I want to be of help here.

    First things first. If I understood this right your server rest time is how many times you will need to utilize. Example one scheduled rest=24hrs. Two rests=12hr, so on and so on. However if this isnt right utilize 12 hrs and see (havent had time to test that theory.) Second is really simple I'm going to use my server as an example. My rest is at two. So all my work needs to be done by 12. Next step is to take my multiplier and DIVIDE it by 12 in my case 3 it should looks like this. (12/3=4) this is your real hours for time to pass on day cycle! This is where you might get a little confused. Next you need to figure out how much faster night will be. In my case also 3. I wanted about a 1 hour night. So now i take my 3 MULTIPLY it by 3 (3×3=9) this is how the night acceleration works. Now figuring out the rest is easier. Divide my 12 by 9 (12/9=1.33) this is my hrs of night aka 1hr 15min. So to summarize for anyone else looking for this formula

    First: Divide 24 by the amount of server rests you have (to make it as real as possible I suggest you place 2 in your scheduled rests) Example: I have a noon and midnight rest time. Making that 2 12hrs cycles now.

    Second: use that number to DIVIDE your Day multiplier. (My day is 3). Example: (12/3=4) this is your first real world hours.

    Third: figure out how your night multiplier is going to affect your night. (My night is also 3). Example: 3×3=9

    Fourth: is to now divide your new multiplier by your cycle. Example: 12/9=1.33 then convert into hrs in this case 1hour 15minutes.

    Final step: add together for a full 24hr cycle brakedown. 4+1.33=5.33 making server 24 hour cycle 5 hours 15 minutes real time.

    I really hope i helped you guys out with this explanation. I know ita long but bare with it and it works. Only thing like i said i have not tested is if i add more Scheduled server restarts in. But if that doesnt affect it then this means just Divide by 12 always.8|

    So my buddy and I have been wanting to increase how long in reality it would take for the game to go through a 24hr Cycle. We are struggling because I dont have time to sit on the server and neither does he. is there a formula anyone has developed that i can use? Also we aren't sure if lower number means longer days or lowering the number means time goes by faster. My understanding is larger number shorter overall time.

    Please help. Thank you.

    Ok my server started at about 1:05 my time. It has been restarting every few minutes with out my input (except for renaming serve and adding password.) it is currently 245 my time and it is still resetting every few minutes. I went to reinstall server between resets and it told me it couldnt find game file. Please assist. Im about to give up and go for a refund.