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    haha I live in Canada with no long distance I cant call :P is there an email to the purchasing department? And for the record it was using my cell app, once I installed the app to my xbox and went on thru there the option for xbox servers popped up. Thanks for being patient with me cant wait to enjoy a pve world. :D

    I went into the app it said click here for xbox servers and when I load the page theres nothing about xbox I only have pc and ps4? Is there any way I can have this issue fix, like a swap or somthing I understand you guys are really busy but it seems I'm having trouble finding the xbox dayz server rentals

    hello I wanted an xbox dayz server when I checked there was no listing for xbox just pc and ps4, I rented a pc server recalling I could join pc game servers from my xbox, i purchased a 4 slot private server for 6.12 cad, it says the server is up and running but i cannot find it for the life of me, i cant seem to find a straight answer to my issue please help