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    I tried clicking on it via computer and it aint coming up. When i clicked on it on my phone it kept opening live chat then redirecting to the support page again. Weird stuff happening. Plus some account is spamming the forum with some message saying "obtain driving license, passport......" and giving a WhatsApp number. Seems some games are afoot and not ours.

    We recently rented a server through Nitrado for Citadel Forged with Fire on PS4. I have searched and read through many forums, including Nitrado Forums and cannot discover how to use admin abilities or commands. What is the process an admin must use to access admin commands on PS4 for my server?

    Well, now the automated task shows it is at least doing something. That first game server restart shows it supposedly ran at 2:36 pm, it is currently 12:30 here US Eastern (EDT). So I guess I'll have to let it do it's thing and then do a little math to figure out what time I need to put in to make it restart at the time I want. The second image shows what time the restart log says it restarted. None of it makes sense either. Cause look at the "minutes" 9:45; 5:49; 14:36. Yes 9:45 is about 4 hours ahead of 5:49 but the automated tasks says it ran at 14:36 aka 2:36? Not even the hours conversion makes sense on that one. Czech, where Dayz Dev is based, is 6 hours ahead of EDT. Nitrado is based in Germany I believe? That's also 6 hours ahead of EDT.

    Look I never learned calculus... just let me restart my server at Noon and Midnight to keep my logs neat and my server members aware of when to expect a restart. Nitrado, you had it fine before with Timed Restarts, Now you've introduced Automated Tasks and it's all chaos yet again.

    These are my automated tasks on my Dayz server for PS4. I've had it set like this for almost two days. Not once has it restarted. The "timed restarts" I had set for Noon and Midnight Eastern US Time. They worked perfectly for three days and then I noticed NITRAPI doing restarts at times I had not set. When to see what was up and timed restarts was changed to automated tasks, so I set this all up... only to now not have it work. Feels like Nitrado took something that was working and replaced it with something broken.

    It changed from "Timed Restarts" to "Automated Tasks" and started restarting at times different than I had set. I removed the tasks and add new ones so it would restart at the times I wanted. Now it doesn't even restart at all. I don't know what they are doing but it makes zero sense and doesn't work. I had to manually restart my server last night, I thought that would start it restarting when it is supposed to... still doesn't work. So I guess I'm gonna have to manually restart it or let this "NITRAPI" take over restarting when it feels like??

    Wed Sep 18 11:59:01 EDT 2019 dayzps Server restart requested (Daily Restart)

    Wed, 18 Sep 2019 11:59:12 -0400 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)

    Wed Sep 18 23:59:01 EDT 2019 dayzps Server restart requested (Daily Restart)

    Thu, 19 Sep 2019 00:01:48 -0400 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)

    2019-09-19 13:59:59 Server restart requested (NITRAPI)

    Thu, 19 Sep 2019 10:00:25 -0400 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)

    2019-09-20 01:59:58 Server restart requested (NITRAPI)

    Thu, 19 Sep 2019 22:00:10 -0400 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)

    2019-09-21 04:39:43 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    Sat, 21 Sep 2019 00:39:49 -0400 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)

    Here you can see when I had my "Timed Restarts" set to do a daily Restart twice a day around Noon and Midnight. Then you see where this NITRAPI started doing restarts. And then you see my manual Restart.

    So what is the use of the "Automated Tasks"?