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    So I put the mods on deerisle and cf before any expansion mods either and then changed to expert settings and went and changed the server.cfg in expert settings to empty.deerisle it shows i have the map however it still freezes half way through??? I seen many with this issue I contacted nitrado after going with a whole year service any thing im doing wrong? or should be changing to get this to work?? :/||

    Deerisle mod is first on the additional mods then @cf;

    keep in mind if i take off expert settings it gos back to cherarus map so i think expert settings should be always turned on. :/

    Everytime when my Server restarts it tells all the players its unreachable even after we waited like a half hour I dont get it, is this how it is on the best gaming server? we were getting the dayz error code

    0x00040004 - TIMEOUT Players network timed out

    but its everyone who plays on the game so i dont think its the players side its the server side. Any help would be appreciated

    hello so i tried to get my white list working. I need to see a example I tried the steam64 id regular id and the 44 characteristics long id and it still doesn't connect am I cannot find a example only a video from 2019 on a mobile device which doesn't help.

    before i put a ticket in can anyone help?
    thank you
    DayZ Roleplayer Dr. Max Evans<3

    Hello, So we just finished are mods and everything was working great players were able to get on to the server no problem.
    Fast forward 24 hours and we noticed the server was shut off (even though it is set to stay on and restart every 4 hrs) I tried to turn it back on and then noticed it wont show up on the Regular steam (dayz launcher) and then the DSZA launcher. I was able to connect to it using the IP and game port code though.

    What is happening? I did notice before if a mod was not correctly installed it wouldnt even show up on the launchers however it was working fine the past day. (an showing)
    Thank you - M