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    I rented an ark server through the Microsoft app, the server did not show up the whole day so I called customer support and told them, they said wait 2 hours.

    2 hours past, called again still no server and they submitted a ticket this time.

    Now it’s been 2 days since I submitted the ticket, I email no response and still no server. I called customer support again, they said I just have to wait indefinitely and that they can’t give me an ETA.

    I can’t wait forever, I saw a thread with a guy with the same issue, he said he has been waiting for a month. I mean if I will not get my server I’d like to know so I can get a refund and find another server rental, but I simply cannot wait indefinitely.

    Sorry for the salt-fest lol but I really wanna get online, I paid for game and a bunch of other accessories and it sucks to not have the server.