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    I am from Australia so time zones are very hard to match. I just want the server to be fixed tbh.

    I have been waiting all day for a response back on my ticket. I got a refund off my other bf4 server cause it was stuck on restarting and then just stops. No one replies back. I order a new server hoping for it to be fixed but same issue. I put in a ticket and I get "

    I've had a look into this for you, unfortunately, I will need to forward your

    ticket to the appropriate department. They will answer your ticket in the

    order it was received."

    What the hell is "appropriate department" for game servers even tho I specified when you go to the support system that it is a restarting issue and the server cannot be used. I am getting fed up of the lack of support system with this website. When I asked for a previous refund you send it back as credit in my nitrado account...... Why would I want that. So you give me no reason but to reorder the server and try to fix it myself. Still issues. Getting fed up at this point. Already lost a day of runtime because no one responds back.