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    Anyone else having issues connecting to their own servers? Was connection failed all night last night but fine for the rest of my community, today it let me in briefly this morning and now it's been loading half of the red load bar then goes to character screen and freezes for a few minutes to finally load me to main menu with "Warning You were kicked off the game. (Timeout) only doing this on my own server rest seem fine?? Maybe a London server issue? One other British guy in my lobby having same problems but many online.

    Is there a reason I'm missing a whole days logs? Also still waiting to hear about the 6 days Nitrado had my server down and not received compensation. Looking for an Admin to answer this one! Your servers are very expensive and I paid 100% on a server to receive 75%. Is it fair that the customers pay for your faults?? I'll be contacting trading standards on these practice's shortly! I also have unresolved support tickets from over a month ago... We want answers.

    When I go to the backup section of the web interface I'm welcomed with an oops message which has persisted for a while, any news why this feature is unavailable?

    I'm contacting Microsoft today for a full refund, I suggest you do the same. At the end of the day what are we really renting? Bohemia took so many servers away and these are pretty much just like official, no admin features what so ever. Also Nitrado acting like a full fledged company when it's clearly a one man operation. I also want to point out the mass posts in these forums are not being answered. Even simple customer questions and requests are not being answered. People are experiencing days of downtime with no compensation although it's Nitrados problem. This is becoming a scam quickly.

    i have put a ticket in regarding the matter and received a very standard copy and paste job reply which didn't fix my issue. I then updated the ticket and waited another whole day just to get a reply to say you guys have received it. Not the first time I have had problems with the server and yet to receive any compensated time for the loss. Today will be the last day I wait and if my server, if still stuck I'm gonna just ask Microsoft for a refund.

    My server name was too long by a few characters the minute I reduced server name it started server and stayed up stable so I'm thinking this could cause a lot of issues as people are creating ridiculous long server names and adding things to get them closer to page one I have noticed. I was simply just adding info about server but yes maybe limit to the amount of characters per server name will stop this issue for you guys.

    I was playing with my servers name the other day and I noticed something that maybe causing a server to get stuck in a reset loop. So basically if you try to put too much text in the name of your server it will cause this problem. If you have an incredibly long server name try stop your server change the server name and try to start again :thumbup:


    If your servers are UK located they're aware of the issue and working on it. Please submit a support ticket if you havent already. Hang tight and I'll update you as I get more info! Sorry everyone

    Thank you for the reply. Just running around public sessions until I can connect again.

    Normal server reset like official, you can even stop and start server without losing progress. It just takes a minute or two to perform the restart but no progression will be lost.