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    did you get yours solved yet? Been a day for mine bought two servers now just to see if the 16 would show up and it hasn't nitrado support just keeps bouncing me around. Same as Microsoft support.

    For anything related to billing issues when purchasing an XBox server, you do need to go to them.

    But I think you have a different issue as well.

    Genesis 2 requires a minimum of 16 slots. Server will not start with 10. Site states this.

    Thats why I spent the last 10 hours on support with you guys get tossed back to Ms canceled my 10 slot re purchased a 16 slot and so now I have two servers that don't show up on my list here from my bank cause I don't wanna put my purchase number on public forums but I have a ticket with nitrado aswell. Saying well have to pass this along to another technical support team. 👍 just a horrible experience.

    hey there I'm new to all this ark and server renting but I just have a few questions I wanted too rent a server for me and my wife so I heard this site is the best. As I play ARK on Xbox one it says I had to rent it from the Xbox store so I followed the instructions and downloaded the nitrado app and followed the easy interface Orders/Xbox Games/Ark Genesis 2/Los Angeles/10 slots and purchase. The payment was taken out and everything. But after a few hours I went to go and get it all setup I clicked the servers tab and it's says it's really quiet in here. No server shows up I check my account from the website and it says I have no server rented or purchased products through nitrado. But under my Microsoft I have the 30 day recurring nitrado game server payment with my purchase ID. I contacted Ms support they said it may take 24 hours to work but the site says it was instantly. I'm just wondering if this is normal or should I have my money refunded from Xbox. Thanks for any responses