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    So I have a cluster for ps4 but the only one showing issues is extinction and it has a 30 minutes respawn timer is there a way to restore settings to default or what line in expert settings would I have to change to get rid of the timer without changing the server to pve

    I’ve tried using this code but they haven’t spawned the locations are for valguero and the link you sent me for locations are only for replacing creature not adding new ones

    So I want to add some creatures to my valguaro server the creatures are mana and owl in snowplains and ice desert, velos in tundra and redwoods, maewings in chalk hills and reaper queens in the drake trench is anyone able to provide me with the line of code I would need to use to get them to spawn in these locations, balanced of course

    So I bought a server yesterday and wanted to play ark with some friends on gen 2 but whenever i set the map to genesis part 2 the server just refuses to start, now this is only with genesis every other map works I’ve tested this and it just won’t start with genesis is this cause the dlc is fairly new or is this a Nitrado issue, it’s left me very frustrated, I’m on ps4 btw