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    I just wanted to bring this ridiculous struggles I have been put through with nitrado the DDoS protection is an absolute joke I have a 170 map cluster and spend hundreds monthly to keep these servers running, in every ticket and phone I am nothing but understanding but sometimes they really push it to give you an exact figure over 2700 dollars a month a hefty fee for something that doesn't work or has a competent support group for I have owned this cluster for almost a year and it sucks not being valued in any way or barely help and having to deal with the sweaty basement dwellers. The kids that are doing this are literally 15 years old selling these services you can find them anywhere if you spend 5 mins looking in the official discord of nitrado/ark. If you cant fix it then say that, offer alternatives, or even improve. For the sake of anything i would even pay for additional protection

    Hi, there so sadly I can't even access my log files to check to verify if there may be an error on certain servers I've made tickets, calls, had them moved but servers still have this issue it's been happening for about 5 days now. When I call I'm told it's my coding, so I remove my coding problem still happens, then they say it's a level 2 tech fix, then they reply with the same thing it your coding I repeat the process mind you I have 26 other servers with the same ini config that has no issues. It's honestly becoming frustrating to ran around in a circle.

    So I have been having a lot of issues with buying servers where it takes 2-3 days to get installed. 2) Constant crashing and rollbacks without any reason I've called several times, relocated them. I was told it was my coding I removed my coding and still nothing. 3) It's starting to become a joke that I have to wait a week for a timed paid service to properly work. Last week I spent hundreds on servers and to wait TWO weeks only to not get them or to get a response/help