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    Have 3 servers; Ragnarok, Gen 1 and Gen 2.... our nightly restart seemed to have removed the ability to see the Holiday (Summer Event) folder in the cooking pot on the Rag and Gen2 servers, but we still have it on Gen1. Anyone have any clue why it would vanish from two servers and not the third?? I dont even know where to start to try and troubleshoot this very weird issue.

    Ragnarok and Gen1 have had NO changes at all recently. Holiday folder was on Rag just prior to nightly server restart. It's still there on Gen1.

    Gen2 server had 1 mod added, but that mod does not change anything to do with the holiday folder or cooking pots. No other changes. Holiday folder was there 3 hours before server nightly restart.

    One thing I've learned about tickets - they really don't bother with them in any kind of timely fashion...... 2nd tier support here is beyond terrible.

    This is sadly true, and my experience with support tickets lately has been much more disappointing than usual. Had to bounce messages back and forth multiple times over the past few days just to get a support individual that would actually take 30 seconds to read my request and see what the issue I was having was. Prior to that I got three.. THREE.. replies with copy-paste solutions to problems I wasn't even having.

    Anyways, back on subject.... I too am facing the "unable to query.." issue on multiple servers. Hopefully they get the update pushed through quickly.