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    Now I know how rupu vine works. There is no need to clean rupu camps, just find rupu camp with rupu vines quality 100, it spawns immediately, it doesn't grow.It is best to search in medium camps, on the map of Volcanic, you must not loot or kill anyone, just jump and try to harvest the vine. If you find quality 100, just harvest and wait for the vine to turn again - it will definitely be quality 100.

    rupu camps don't spawn in the same area. Theres only 1 way to properly farm rupu camps. DO NOT kill ANY of the rupus. Just farm your vines and leave and they will respond just do not attack the rupus. Otherwise the camp will despawn and move.

    I not kill any rupus,i not farm,i not restart server,i only look from distance and when i come next day to game camp was gone...that is strange why.

    Hi all,i dont understand mechanic on comunity server with spawn rupu camps.I found one rupu camps with 1q rupu vines,i clear this camp and this camp no respawn at this place.I restart server about 10x and camp respawn,i wait 17 hour to grow rupu vines to 100q but when i come rupu camps disappears.I not kill ,loot and doing somethink in this camp,i dont restart server when camp spawn,but this camp disappers.Somebody know why?Thx.