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    Mikan, When you look for your "Last Oasis Nitrado Server ". By looking in Steam View Servers. Ok Say your IP is Note your do not put that in the Server Search . As will will get a Server no response! What you put in the search is the Quarry IP address: This will bring up your server.

    Note you need a Meteor Core now. To make the Larger Walkers. I have been trying to fine a meteor shower to harvest a Core. I have watched YouTube videos how to harvest the meteorites that shower down. The map in the video did not match the Crash Site

    Map looks. I understand this is a 2 to 3 hour event on Official Servers. How does it work on a Nitrado server? 8) Does anyone know ?????:whistling:

    I had one server and joined a group with 4 servers. All I had to do was (Paste the Server's Leaders Last Oasis ID in place of my own Id). Now I now longer control this server. Other than shutting down and restarting. The leader setup what Map my server would host. We now have 5 Active Maps.