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    ive done very light modding, i am wondering if that somehow messed something up. i went to look at backups and for some reason my last backup yesterday was substantially bigger in size than the previous ones. and i didnt even play at all yesterday or add/change anything new.

    For some weird reason my server is no longer visible to the public nor can i see it on the app. I logged into on a computer and see it listed under my services, but it now has no name, no ip/subdomain etc. it doesent even indicate thats is a dayz server anymore like my others do. if i try to bring up a dfashboard i cannot. its just sitting there listed under my services but i cannot access it or do anything to fix it. anyone know whats going on please??

    I have seen other private servers that include the log for things that have happened on server like killings etc. But mine does not have that tab, I only can see restart logs. How can I add this feature? Is there something that I am missing? I am trying to determine who is sniping people in our one trade zone so we can enforce our rules. Thanks in advance for any info.

    Thank you. So that reset wont wipe everything like bases and reset the loot? Or thats the only way to do it. Sorry I am just trying to clarify that the reinstall will basically restore to new server status.

    I recently prepaid a 90 day server for DayZ on PS4 and its my first time ever getting one for me and my friends. I went thru the normal pre order selection pages for that game, and now it is just sitting as an account credit in general not associated with DayZ. I realize its not going to be available until the coming 1.04 update, but will it automatically bill my account and I get a DayZ server as soon they are available? Or do I still have to come back and use the account credit to manually purchase one of those specific servers? again? Thanks in advance for any info.