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    OK, We want to do a dino wipe ourselves on the server, to see for our own eyes, how is the programming coming along. Well, today we tried to get to our admin powers none of the passwords worked. OK, we looked upon where to look since we did forget and that happens. Any link or page or article so far has to lead to literally nowhere. Go to our server's web interface and then go to general settings it should be there. Sadly we do not see it. I had a second pair of eyes that looked as well just in case I was not going blind. I thought it might be Expert mode was turned on and so we turned it off and nothing had changed. In short, can not find this one setting that is somehow invisible to us, but not to others. Some help would be nice on understanding what is going on. Thank you.

    I just realized in Spawn Beacons the application I use, might have a way to add egg nest spawns. Since it is not a mod and in the game since we also have all the dlcs. This should work if I do it right. If I am right even the magmasuar eggs. To be honest I was confused about what you said at first. Now though this might lead me to what I desire for the map. Thank you for the help.

    The title is self-explanatory. I am been researching and seeing only two things. 1: that there are mods. However, this is a ps4 server so that would be pointless. 2: there is a way but in the ini coding. I seemingly can not find an outline for this, however. I wish to ask for any help in this. For I wish to add eggs of the rock drake, fire, ice, lightning and poison Wyverns, finally magmasuar eggs. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. We do use Spawn Beacon. I can put the wyverns in but I do not see the eggs. Which is why I am asking. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing or having a good day.

    Edit: I almost forgot this is on the map Crystal Isles.