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    Awesome!! thank u kanqreen16 can confirm IT IS WORKING. sad to see some people are trying to cover the REAL issue some admins are having with flyers not working on their non-genesis maps. There was a discussion about this on steam forums I'll redirect them here so they get the PROPER solution. :):):);)

    I was having issues with rag and valguero not anymore.

    Having the same problems right now. I run Ragnarok/Valguero everything has been going well for us and today it did not. No mod updates, no map updates, tried restarting both servers and nothing. I have not touch the servers settings in a long while so it's not like I've changed anything on my cluster.

    Hello Doagen thanks for the quick reply. So I take that by adding this code line I would be able to do exactly that then? upload/download only within a cluster correct? Also if you don't mind me asking for a bit of elaboration on the matter. Do I add this to the game or gameusers ini? and how should I add this? NoTransferFromFiltering =1 ?

    Hello, I have a question. At the moment I'm trying to setup my ark cluster and I do know how to setup cross-ark but I want to know if it is possible to use within a cluster an "upload/download" option for characters instead of the "travel" option as I know it's kinda dangerous and can potentially destroy players character files.

    It's been a while for me but I do remember there was an option on my old provider to activate "NoTransferFromFiltering" dunno if it's then possible to set up my cluster as I want it with this, however I have not being able to find that setting on my Nitrado Panel. :/