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    Hi, first of all the VN folder should be renamed to @VN and in the additional mods section type in @VN;

    And here's from the official workshop site of Mike Force

    • Subscribe to the workshop item
    • Find the file named `(numbers)_legacy.bin` at `<steam install path>\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\2477873447`
    • Copy and rename the file to `vn_mf_latest.cam_lao_nam.pbo`
    • Upload the file to the `mpmissions` folder on your server

    Then copy the name vn_mf_latest.cam_lao_nam.pbo without the pbo at the end into the template "Mission name here";

    Should look like this

    template = vn_mf_latest.cam_lao_nam;

    Good luck! :)

    Hi, i've setup a Headless client with a nitrado server and everything works fine from what i can tell. My question is, is there any special setting that i should use within the nitrado settings when using a Headless client? Should the mission cache be ticket? Auto init skipped? etc.