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    do I use the local save backup or the server backup (includes ini etc) that happens once a day?

    Thanks for the info, I have a ticket in and I guess I will wait and see.. Idk how far back the last save was for my server- i dont want to wipe anyones progress and make them angry.

    Thank you

    Hello all,

    Just started running into an issue.. My server keeps crashing every 10 mins into the game.. Havent restored from backup because i wanted to see if this can be fixed first.

    Can anyone help me with the latest crash code?

    Fatal error!

    ShooterGameServer.exe!FTimerManager::Tick() (0x00007ff62f29eea3) + 59 bytes [e:\build\consoles\xb1\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\timermanager.cpp:1062]

    ShooterGameServer.exe!UWorld::Tick() (0x00007ff62f15313a) + 0 bytes [e:\build\consoles\xb1\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\leveltick.cpp:1301]

    ShooterGameServer.exe!UGameEngine::Tick() (0x00007ff62f0ba510) + 0 bytes [e:\build\consoles\xb1\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\gameengine.cpp:1304]

    ShooterGameServer.exe!FEngineLoop::Tick() (0x00007ff62d9b0e9a) + 0 bytes [e:\build\consoles\xb1\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\launchengineloop.cpp:2564]

    ShooterGameServer.exe!GuardedMain() (0x00007ff62d9acb5c) + 0 bytes [e:\build\consoles\xb1\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\launch.cpp:140]

    ShooterGameServer.exe!GuardedMainWrapper() (0x00007ff62d9b1e8a) + 5 bytes [e:\build\consoles\xb1\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\windows\launchwindows.cpp:125]

    ShooterGameServer.exe!WinMain() (0x00007ff62d9b1fe1) + 8 bytes [e:\build\consoles\xb1\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\windows\launchwindows.cpp:213]

    ShooterGameServer.exe!__tmainCRTStartup() (0x00007ff6300c4c2d) + 21 bytes [f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c:618]

    KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffad82e7974) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]

    ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffada82a0b1) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]

    ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffada82a0b1) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]


    Hello ,

    I am pulling hair out over this..

    I finally have my servers setup perfectly , a lot of researching and help here.


    I cannot figure this out for the life of me..
    I have people asking to raise the speed on the griffin and ptera. I changed this setting and it still doesn’t increase their speed

    1. PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[9]=4

    Can someone please help. Is this even possible on Xbox Nitrado server?

    thank you

    I’m getting better but still need a few more tweaks on my server.

    is there a code for “player damage to structures” and a code to allow you to place ceilings without foundation?

    If anyone could help that would be awesome! I tried google and only found “structureresistsncemultiplier” and that didn’t work for player damage to structures and I couldn’t find anything on the ceilings needing not needing foundation.


    Hey everyone ,

    So I’ve been trying to setup automated task- server restart and I cannot figure out the time convert for the life of me.

    I set one for 505am CST but it says 505am UTC and -5.00..

    went to the log files and I see that it never restarted at 505am this morning , only restarts I see are nitrapi and windows… shouldn’t it say “daily restart” if it works?

    I am central time and server is in NY(EST), can anyone help me understand this?


    Sorry I should have better specified

    This is the setting(below) I have and I’m worried it might affect the string you gave me.


    I currently don’t use the stack method you gave me , so I should maybe drop this itemStackSizeMultiplier=1000 before entering the codes you gave me?

    sorry I’m new to this and trying my best to explain my concern before entering that info you gave me.

    What I do is place all the above code in the 'engine game settings' at the bottom of the page in the WebUI.

    That area is the game.ini and inserts it for you.

    what is your itemstackmultiplier at? I feel like if I leave mine at 1000 and add these code it will mess up lol.

    Hello, just wondering if someone could help me.

    I set my difficulty to 1 and override difficulty to 10 but I’m not seeing anything over 200? Is that because it’s just rarer to find level 300 wild?

    Also, does anyone have a INI file for items to stack to 1000? I’ve heard it can break your game if you stack things such as wyvren eggs though.



    My newly tamed dinos health recovers super duper duper slow... Like on the verge of death even after force feeding 1000x stacks of meat.

    Does this file work? I was wondering if i should add it