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    What did you already tried in order to resolve the issue? Basic things you can try:
    - Go to "settings" -> "General" and klick "Default settings". With that you reset all your settings one time. Now only change the name of the server and restart it.
    - Reinstall you server completly unter the option "Reinstall" in your webinterface. Change the name afterward in order to be able to see the server.

    - Check if you can join other servers with the same map installed

    If nothing helps, like ray said, please write or call us to help you out further.

    Hi Vemehh, not sure what you mean with p and p+ but I guess the gamemode primitive plus? If you change from the normal version to primitive plus a new savegame will be created, yes.

    The mod uses alot of ressources I heard from my colleague, make sure your server and the client has enough of it. What do you get for a message if you try to connect to it? Are there some errors in the serverlog?

    In every webinterface you have the option "switch game" in the bottom left corner. There you can either choose a new modpack to install or reinstall your current one. This option is there on every location so that shouldnt matter.