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    You can't restore backups for the game anymore. Only the support can do that.

    You have wait for them to restore a backup. And also you should only use one ticket right now. Could cause confusion and get your server restored multiple times.

    Damm even I am having a similar kind of issue, I have searched all over the internet and even have posted on number of threads on different forum, no solution seems to work. I am really frustrated, can anyone of you here help me resolve this issue, I am very much tired now.

    Could you elaborate a bit more of what you did before this started?

    You need to contact support for this.

    Yes try english please. There is a known bug which causes the server to crash sometimes if it is set on other languages. English seems to be the only language that does not crash. ^^'

    Need to wait for a patch for the game.

    I've been trying to access my web interface but everytime I click to open it a message saying "Oops... An error occurred" pops up, it says to wait a few minutes and try again but it has been 2 hours and its still not opening. Is there any reason this is happening or is there any way I can help it?

    You need to contact the support for this. They can fix this.

    If you can't access your webinterface tho, then you need to contact the support.