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    This is why I'm here, my original question is "any settings can cause this", cause I didnt wanted to run to support with "hurrdurr restarts" cause mabye one of the options can make this happens. Ofc if its a no, and its obviously a server side problem and not a settings one, i will go for the support. :)

    I found that earlier, there was default 1 restart / day, I deleted it 2 days ago, but the server still restarting 3-4 times / day in a full random way. It writes "network timeout" ingame, then i see on the dashboard "server is restarting". Nothing in the log files about the restart. I'm sure it's not my network, cause then it should only kick me, but if we play together, all of us kicked with the same message and the server is restarting...

    There is no automated tasks for it and it happens totalyl random times. Sometimes when one of us plays alone, or when all of us online. What kind of settings can cause this? What options should I check and modify to avoid this?