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    after a bit more research, i figured out it is a primitive plus issue. Thank you for your help, I will leave the explanation here in case anyone else has this issue and searches.

    Taken from the wiki

    Primitive Plus currently has a few major bugs that can be considered 'game breaking', in that they really impact the way you can play the game. (Source)

    • Supply Drops do not spawn (including caves and artifacts)
      • WildCard is having difficulties tracking this one down. Appears to apply to all official servers over all platforms.
      • This breaks the ability to obtain blueprints for higher quality items
      • This makes it extremely difficult to transfer characters, dinos or items off of the Aberration map, requiring visiting the surface or boss terminal to transfer off by Obelisk.
    • The new Kibble system does not work for most dinosaurs.
      • With exception to Karkinos, Giant Bee, and Rock Elemental, the new kibble will destroy taming effectiveness and not reduce time.
      • Players still in possession of the old kibble can still use it, but old kibble can not be created anymore.
    • Some Engrams do not work
    • PS4 edition is unable to place Carbon in Forges (Vital resource)
    • PS4 edition beehives are unable to produce Beeswax (Vital resource)

    i have not done anything with expert settings or ini yet as i'm just learning stuff still, it's been since the server first came up. only thing wrong i know when i started it was i chose a server in DE instead of NA but i dont think that would have anything to do with it.

    So, I got the server a little under a week ago and in all the play time, no one has seen any beacon drops at all.

    I've tried ticking and unticking several options from random loot to changing beacon loot quality to disabling them, re enabling them, making sure they can spawn on structures ect. the game type is pvp/was pve on valguero.

    is this a widespread issue or is there a way to fix this?