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    I tried that and it did not load the save. I'm thinking maybe it is because we use the RWG instead of Navesgame. But we like the randomness of the RWG maps. I don't have much changed in the configs. Just the amount of points per level & the # of days between bloodmoons. The crew has decided they'd rather just revert back to 18.4 until A19 is more usable. They would rather do that than start over at least once a week.

    On the Support page, contact information is also provided.

    Mods have no access to servers or accounts.


    Not asking the mods to fix anything. Just curious if it is possible to run A19 without having a total server wipe every time the game updates (which has been a lot lately)?

    PhionaMcRee after your server wipes itself go to your backups and restore the last one and allow it to finish i give it like an hour just to make sure then restart and Usually it works i hope that helps

    I tried this the last time. Then I got the version mismatch when I tried to log on to the server. Also, there are like 3 different kinds of files to back up. How TF are we suppose to know which type to back up?

    After the last one (b178), my crew gave up & asked me to put the server back on 18.4. We really loved A19, but it's pointless to play if the server is gonna wipe several times a week. Any ETA when A19 will replace 18.4 permanently? Then maybe we can actually play it.

    Twice now every time there is an update to A19 Experimental, my server gets reset to default. It's really not fun when you constantly have to start the game over & lose all progress. Is there any way to stop this from happening? We are loving A19 Experimental, but not the constant server wipes.:cursing:

    I did that yesterday...which was a nightmare cause a reinstall of the map dropped all mods & every last structure fell down. Luckily, we had mostly just started so only lost a day's worth of work. I've completely redone all settings and it feels like it's not even taking effect. Tested with a Deino (can't spell it...the new guy) egg. Two hours to incubate to 50%! When with my usual settings, even a wyvern egg never takes more than an hour.

    Also, no matter how many times I check Unlock All Engrams, they don't unlock for everyone. I had to add the bAutoUnlockEngrams=True to the game.ini

    And...why doesn't creative mode work? I use whitelists for server log on & admins. Works like a charm on my Ragnarok server & 2 other mod map servers. But on Valguero, Admins still have to enablecheats <password> & cheat gcm.

    Recently added a Valguero server to my cluster. I've done the settings the same as the other servers in my cluster as far as Day/Night cycle, taming, breeding, maturation, cuddling & harvesting. But on Valguero, it's like they aren't taking effect. Eggs are taking forever to hatch. Harvesting is painfully slow with what feels like default harvest rates. Unlock All Engrams doesn't work at all. Is there something different about the settings for Valguero than for other maps/servers?

    I set up my ATLAS server and can access it from the server list. However, I set up a server password when creating the server. But it does not require one when selecting the server from the server list & Steam does not show it as password protected in the Favorites. Anyone know I can fix this?

    I see the Blackwood map now as a map option. But when I select it and restart my server, I cannot find my server in the list. If I switch it back to Oceans, my server is in the list. But soon as I switch it to server in the list.

    STILL waiting..... Had I known it would take this long, I would have gone with a different hosting service. But since you already got my money, I guess I'm stuck waiting. Any ETA, Nitrado?