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    Who the hell did you blow to actually get a decent response with an ETA? I've had tickets and calls out the ringer and the ONLY response i have ever gotten including one from 30 mins ago said "we are investigating the issue but cannot give an ETA"
    edit. Thanks for the update man, at least somebody is getting something from nitrado

    Lol :D No blowing that I was aware of. Maybe just good timing and they are finally making some progress?

    Well damn man i was hoping to blow em too and maybe make the ETA a little faster hahahahahah Lets hope so! Again thanks for the update man! Finally something i can take to the community that isnt "just wait and see" hahha

    4 days and this is still the only response anyone is getting. "we are investigating the issue but cannot give you an ETA". Know that YOU are pissing the customers off MORE than the issue itself. You would think after 4 days of an ENTIRE GAMES SERVERS being completely unplayable you would at least be able to offer an ETA by now. Instead your constantly hitting us with the same generic reply making us feel un-valued and completely irrelevant to you. I rent 36+ servers off you which is over $1000 p/m and this is the customer service i can expect? Not acceptable

    According to my research, With a lot of extra buggering around they can be set to crossplay compatible but not 100% sure at this exact second. If you like i can PM you once i know for sure and let you know how to do it if it is possible

    You would think with the amount of money we spend on their servers they would at least be offering a ROUGH ESTIMATE on how long it may take. Instead ive got my 200+ community members asking me every 2-3 hours for an update. If they would just man the f*#* up and say "we dont know what were doing but are trying. We will hopefully have the servers back up by next weekend.

    Though thats a long time frame it would still be so much better than, "were working on it but cant tell you anything"

    Yea good luck with that. Been on and off the phone/ticket support with nitrado since the update dropped and theres still not even an ETA. i have a 36 grid atlas server and the only respose i have gotten is and i quote word for word. "This issue is our top priority but we are unsure how long it will take"

    36 grids/servers down for 4 days and the "sorry" they offered was a 1 day boost.

    Really starting to lose faith in nitrado. Not even willing to offer the downtime of servers.