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    i haven't tried using cross ark yet , but if you haven't, try changing all the cluster ID's?

    i may not be aware of the exact problem on ark, but I am an IT , and had some cluster issue with a couple servers,

    and it fixed the problem at work, might work for the ark servers.

    or might just be something they broke in an update, might need to wait till next update.

    hi, im not 100% sure , but i think you'll have to send a ticket to nitrado and ask for a refund.

    this is the message they give you.

    (Be advise, Nitrado xbox server can be only purchased on the Nitradop App on XBOX.)

    so i dont think you can change to xbox ,as you can only get the xbox server on the xbox store.

    hope this helps.

    1. 1. Sābā o teishi shite 5-bu hodo machimasu.
    2. 2. Nitrado no u~ebu intāfēsu ni aru ninshō jōhō o shiyō shite, FTP keiyu de sābā ni setsuzoku shimasu.
    3. 3. `Rōkarusaito' ni atarashī direkutori o sakusei shimasu. (Kore wa anata no setsuyaku no tame ni narimasu)
    4. 4. [Rimōtosaito] de gēmu hozon fairunopasu o nabigēto shimasu. Āku: SE > shūtāgēmu > hozon > SavedARKs
    5. 5. Gēmu hozon foruda (SavedARKs) o kurikku shite,`rōkarusaito' ni sakusei shita direkutori ni doraggu shimasu.
    6. Nihongo ga umaku ikanai to suimasenga, tasuke ni nareba saiwaidesu.
    7. i am sorry if the japanese isn't good, but i hope it helps.

    thank you ,and yeah makes sense, the dude delayed a whole day, cause he was arguing with me, but now i can go ahead and get the custom one do what i need to do,and game,

    thanks a lot for everyone's help,

    hi, thank you for the reply , but what i meant is , the rental options they give you is

    now the (custom ) option is what i was looking at, but then i was told that,its for mods only and i will not be able to play on this server,

    i am looking for 24 slots which i can get with custom server and not the other.

    thanks again.

    Hi, i would like to rent a custom server for ark on ps4, but had someone saying that i wont be able to play on a custom server as they are strictly for mods, do i have to rent the bundles they give for example (dodo) (raptor) (rex) or would i be able to join and play on my custom rented server with friends?^^:P

    and thanks in advanced8o