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    I have 2 Ark servers, a 10 slot and a 20 slot. Lately my 20 slot server is "stopped" a lot. And since on Xbox I can't give admin access to anyone else I have to log onto Nitrado and start the server before anyone else can play. Extremely inconvenient. Is this a temporary problem?

    I am curious, about this myself. Last month I paid for a year rental so me and about 4 friends could play Genesis 2. Now i I find out I can not do it with a 10 slot server. If the price is reasonable to upgrade to 20 slot I will. But, it would be nice if the terms are clear. I feel like I have already been duped once.

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong... I created an admin password in the Nitrado settings, I go into the game and press X/Y/LB/RB Admin Request comes up , I put in the password, then nothing. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.