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    Are they able to join Vanilla server, It's highly likely could be one of the mod causing the issue, I had my PC server did the same quiet sometimes back and I ended up removing all mod and able to rejoin

    Many thanks for your input, I think I've solved it now. The players had to launch the game in Steam and not DZSA and "unload" all mods, then join the server from the Steam launcher and allow Steam to setup mods and DLC for the server. This worked for both players that had the issue and they can now join from either Steam or DZSA.

    Something definitely got borked with the mods, the client seemed to think certain ones were loaded when in fact they wern't.

    I know this thread is dead but for anyone who ends up here from a google search I'm going to explain how to solve this.

    Do not edit the serverDZ.cfg by downloading it from an FTP client like filezilla and then re-uploading it, as soon as you start your server Nitrado will overwrite it and put it back to chernarus.

    You need to go to your Nitrado dashboard, make sure your server is shut down, select "General" and tick expert mode, then on the left panel go to "Expert Settings" which will open the serverDZ.cfg file, change the chernarus map to "empty.deerisle" and hit save. now start your server and you should be good.

    A few week back I had a player complain that they couldn't join the server, they reported that they would see the countdown from 15 go to 1 and then freeze, after 20-30 seconds they would be returned to the menu screen showing error WaitPreloadCamLoginState, sometimes a numeric error number also, despite many attempts they can't get beyond this. Another player has reported the same behaviour tonight.

    We usually have about 10-15 players on and nobody else has mentioned any connection issues, myself included.

    The other observation is I do see their name appear in the V++ Admin player manager but never in game on the player panel. I'm unable to kick them or interact with any of the admin tools with their name selected. Their name stays there until the next restart.

    I'm at a total loss as to what could be causing this or where to start looking, now that 2 players have repoted it I feel there must be an actual issue. Our server is heavily modded but the majority of player have no issues.