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    Okay, thanks for the answer.
    Any idea what I could do to prevent that error from crashing my server?


    I am getting the following error while playing modded;
    SDR service thread gave up on lock after waiting 103ms. This directly adds to delay of processing of network packets!

    I read that increasing the RAM could solve the problem. On the website itself it says, that increasing RAM is only available for Minecraft.
    Is it? And if not, should that solve the issue?

    For one: What's the error and where do you get it?
    And two: Use FTP to upload and download the world.

    World is working, did via FileZilla. The error is "$annotatedconnectexception". I get it when trying to join the server.

    As mentioned, download your world, switch to Forge and upload the world again.

    Did that. World has been transferred, but uploading the mods is a pain in the..
    Whenever I upload more then one mod and try to join the server, it drops me some long error core. Any Ideas what could cause this?

    The files aren't lost at all when you switch. When you switch back everything will still be there.

    But it makes sense to download them with FTP, switch and reupload the world folder.

    Thanks. But I don`t want to switch back to Vanilla. I would like to stay on Forge and therefore keep my Vanilla progress.

    Hi, I am running a Vanilla Minecraft (1.16.5) Server. I would like to install some mods. Can I just drag the Forge file via file explorer and it will work? Or the second option, changing the server: Will I be able to keep my Vanilla server's/player's progress + map while switching to Minecraft Forge Vanilla (1.16.5)? Or would I lose it?