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    Which makes sense, but the question is whether showing new players where some items may spawn is more important than reducing server lag, hiding items, and ruining the experience for players who do use F to loot (which I'd like to take a second to say is fucking stupid that dragging in menu is faster because there is no animation, making one clearly superior and the devs haven't addressed this. Also, you don't need clothes to be a teaching aid; items spawn in or on buildings, as well as points of interest such as hay bails, graves, and tables. Playing the game without clothes for a single day would give anyone a good idea of where 95 percent of the loot spawns.

    Having 10+ people line up in a perfect line next to their commander to fire at will has always perplexed me. Line battles in Mount&Blade Napoleonic Wars are the strangest and most structured thing I've ever seen in a multiplayer game.