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    I have a server with Blackwood on. Can you not set it to be colonies there to use claimflags?

    I get only that it's not a valid island everywhere I try and place a flag on. And thats the same on all islands.

    From what the webinterface its a standalone server 1x1 grid only and not to be clustered.

    As for changing the map, go to: Dashboard, its at the top. The dropdown is 'cluster' and 'blackwood'. That confirms no clustering with Blackwood.

    I am running Blackwood now as a 1x1 with mods. I am going to change the json and add stuff. It looks like its freeport and 11 smalls islands.

    Add stuff in like add more islands?

    Wonder if you can use Blackwood map in 1 grid on a 2x2 grid server and have normal islands on the other 3 grids and have the same mods on all 4 grids.