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    you want to change the cuddle Interval. The lower the number the quicker the imprint.

    Ok awesome. How do you increase the % for each imprint?

    You can't, unfortunately. The imprint % per cuddle is calculated from a hardcoded formula that compares total maturation time to the cuddle interval timer. If you care, the formula is: 100/(floor(M/C)) = Imprint%

    M is the total maturation time and C is the time between cuddles.

    The easiest way to do it without mods is to set your cuddle interval to the opposite of your maturation multiplier. With a maturation speed of 100 you'd want to set it to 1/100, or 0.01.

    With those settings, you're essentially speeding the whole process up by 100x from official settings. You'll get the same number of cuddles and the same imprint percent per cuddle, it will just happen faster. You'll have to keep an eye on them the whole time they're maturing, as they'll want a cuddle every 4.8 minutes.

    Rondeau04, I bet. That's one thing I hate about the non-dedicated server. It makes no sense to have that tether X(. Rondeau04, how long have you had your server? Was it hard to setup?

    The difficulty depends on how complicated you choose to make it. Setting up a basic server at default everything is just a button press. A simple server with a few minor settings changes and a couple if mods is easy, just takes time to get the settings where you want them. Customizing drops/xp tables/dino spawns can be very complicated.

    Start simple, work your way up if you want.

    If you have unlocked the Extinction conversion recipes and you have access to a city terminal, you can convert Element into Element Dust. The dust can be transferred and crafted into Unstable Element. You lose a lot of material in the process, but it can be done.

    EDIT: 1 Element makes 200 Element Dust, and it costs 1000 dust to make 1 Unstable Element.

    Overall better, IMO. There are still some frustrating bits, but they've done two mega-updates and a bunch of QoL/bugfix passes. I say that even though I'm having issues with my Blackwood server.

    As for the community, I refuse to play official on ARK or Atlas, so I couldn't tell you. Unofficial servers can be great, of course.

    ATLAS had an update Friday, in which they added a boss arena to the Blackwood map. The entrance to this boss arena happens to be a few hundred yards from my base location. I started crashing out every time I got near that entrance with an "array out of bounds" error message. I tried in single-player with the same mods, and had no problems. I figured the some part of the update didn't download properly on the server, so I decided to just reinstall the game and restore a backup file.

    After reinstalling the game, I made sure the settings were all the same. I'm using the Blackwood dropdown under Mapname on the Dashboard, and I only have four mods installed on the server. When I tried to join the server, Atlas started downloading the Steam Workshop version of Blackwood instead of the DLC version. Of course it times out, because that's a rather large download. Once I got into the game I found that it's definitely the Workshop version of the map, as it loaded five mods instead of four, and the map doesn't have Friday's update. Oddly, my base and tames are there on this map.

    I've now done this three times. Each time, I end up on the Workshop version of the map instead of the DLC version. The only thing I can figure is when Nitrado handled the update today, they set the dropdown to the wrong map. I'm putting in a ticket of course, but I figured I'd post here as well to see if others are having the issue. I doubt many people built on an island with two boss spawns, so some may not even be aware of the problem.

    I've done a few where I hide a box with something nice in it, then leave clues to its location scattered around the map. It takes more prep time and you need to be able to write good riddles or rhymes to pull it off well, but it's usually well-received.

    You could do an alpha hunt, those are pretty common. Just spawn an alpha somewhere unusual and reward whoever kills it. OR, spawn in a higher-than-normal tameable dino (or a dino that doesn't spawn normally on your map). In this case, the dino itself is the reward. Note: Neither of these events is very difficult if you're using an S+ Tek Transmitter.

    I've also done an "invasion" event where I spawned in hostile dinos from other maps. I left a series of clues on how to stop the invasion, but they seemed to prefer fighting it off over ending it.

    Another one I've done was a "Broodmother Escapes" thing where I added spiders to every spawn container and left clues that lead to where they could find the Broodmother I had spawned in. Took a bit more setup, but the freakout when spiders started spawning on the beach was pretty funny.

    For simpler stuff...

    Try building a dodoball arena or parkour maze.

    If Extinction engrams are unlocked, you can make a chessboard with taxidermy stands.

    If your map has rivers, naked raft races along the river can be fun. Actually naked races in general are fun, you just have to make sure people mindwipe first if it's a foot race.

    If you have a wyvern trench, try wyvern egg runs using Lymantria as mounts. Bonus points if you have people on Griffins shooting fireworks rocket launchers into the trench.

    FTP is not available for XBox servers.

    The only way 'fix' a file is either do a restore from a backup. Note though the saved file may be there.

    Or a reinstall.

    Most folks just use admin to force themselves back in the tribe. This is a game issue, not server.

    XBOX doesn't even have access to the File Browser in the Server Management screen? Ouch. I'll keep that in mind, as a friend is considering opening an Xbox server.

    It seems as though your character file is not saving your tribe affiliation, the character or tribe file might be corrupted. If you delete your character/tribe files and backups, it will force the system to create a new file.

    Note: the following applies to PC/Steam, there may be some differences in the Xbox version. I think one of the mods runs a Xbox server, he might he able to clarify.

    Shut the server down, wait a few minutes before continuing. Go in the File Browser to arkse/shootergame/saved/savedarks.

    There should be four files for you, ending in arkprofile, profilebak, tribeprofile, and tribebak. On Steam it uses your Steam ID for the filename, no idea what it uses on xbox. Delete all four. Restart the server.

    If the problem persists, I would wipe the server. If that doesn't solve it, uninstall and then reinstall from scratch.

    I've always had issues with Prim+, to the point that I just gave up on it forever. If you have several players, consider trying the Survival Plus mod instead. It only goes up to dark ages-level technology and has a class & trading system, but it does need multiple players working together to be fun.

    "No insane settings" is pretty vague. As I posted earlier, even 5x harvesting can cause lag if you're harvesting with good dinos.

    Extinction is also the laggiest map in general, probably because of all the light sources.

    I'm not sure what "do not make lag on purpose" means. I think you mean you haven't tried to see if anything increases the lag? If so, that would be a good thing to try. You have to find the source of the lag before you can figure out how to fix it.

    I had another thought as well... do you have "bautounlockallengrams" turned on? That setting will cause a lag spike almost every time someone levels up.

    There's really no magic "anti-lag" button. You have to find the source of the lag before you can eliminate it.

    I would suggest using HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers for each harvestable item instead of HarvestAmountMultiplier, also disabling bautounlockallengrams if it is enabled. There are other things I mentioned in my previous post (large platforms, numerous dinos, etc) that may help as well.

    Unfortunately, you're playing the laggiest map, and you're playing on a console. For some reason, consoles tend to have more lag in general on ARK. You may not be able to eliminate it entirely, but trying some of the mentioned suggestion might help.

    How are you trying to connect? I'm assuming through the Direct Connect link?

    I often have trouble the first time I try to connect to a server, especially through Direct Connect. Try adding the server's query port as a favourite server in View -> Servers on Steam. Open the game to the main menu, then double-click that server in the Steam Servers window.

    Once you get connected the first time, you can just use the My Survivors filter on the in-game server browser.

    Without knowing what is causing the lag, it's difficult to suggest a solution. What map are you playing? How long has the server been running? Do you have it set to do a daily restart? When does the lag happen? What kind of lag is it? Can you intentionally cause the server to lag by doing something? How far is the server from your location? What is your ping in-game? Is the lag affecting just you, or does it affect everyone on the server?

    For example, I recently dealt with lag caused by a specific dino (a doedic) harvesting metal nodes. That dino's melee rating was high enough that it was getting thousands of stone per swing even with only 5x gather rates. It took some time to figure out that the lag spikes we were getting corresponded with that one dino swinging his tail.

    Another thought would be large platform structures, especially if you have increased the maximum items allowed on a platform. One server I was on had a madman who built a castle on the back of a titanosaur (raid dino feeding was on), and he lagged the server out every time he took a step. I've also seen lag caused by overly large raft construction.

    Overspawning can cause lag as well. There used to be an issue on the Center map where are creatures would overspawn. Spawns looked fine from land, but the server would lag over time. If you've changed any spawn rates or inserted new spawn containers, this could be a cause.

    Massive amounts of tamed dinos or structures can also cause lag. There are a few buildings on my Valguero server that cause a small amount of lag for anyone nearby. When you have several hundred dinos eating, pooping, and laying eggs...

    TL;DR - need more info.

    Well, I try to get Intelligence up quickly, at least enough to be ready for iron tools. However, my first 3 perks are ALWAYS Healing Factor, Sexual Tyrannosaurus, and Rule 1: Cardio to level 1. The edge those perks grant cannot be ignored.

    For fighting I almost always go for edged weapons, with Deep Cuts and Skull Crusher as my primary perks for that. The AoE bleed from Deep Cuts is nice, especially on higher difficulties when you spend a lot of time doing "slash and run". A machete with the burning mod is a must as well.

    Sticking to Strength for combat in the beginning also means you'll be able to get Pack Mule, TRex, 69'er, and Mother Lode up more easily (since you'll already fulfill the Strength requirements).

    IMO, the only significant benefit from Perception and Agility are Lucky Looter and Rule 1: Cardio. Fortitude is more important later on with Pain Tolerance and Living Off The Land, but Healing Factor 1 is enough to start with.

    I think it's more important to get some basic combat skills and iron tools before you try to set up a real base. You can always do the first horde night by just sitting on top of a building and plinking them with arrows.

    Not to my knowledge. The simplest solution would be to set set the xp multiplier very high. The most complex solution would be to create a mod that does it for you.

    A middle ground would be to try the ARK "LevelExperienceRampOverrides" settings in game.ini. I haven't tried it myself, so I don't know if it works in Atlas (I know for a fact it works well in ARK). Essentially, IF it works you could set levels 1-50 to only require 1 xp each (or something similar). You should find the information you need to try that on the Nitrado and ATLAS wikis...

    This describes how to use the overrides:


    And this will give you the default info:

    Level - Official ATLAS Wiki

    I have a server with Blackwood on. Can you not set it to be colonies there to use claimflags?

    I get only that it's not a valid island everywhere I try and place a flag on. And thats the same on all islands.

    As far as I've been able to determine, Blackwood only allows the old claim system (pre-colonies, claims a set area around the flag). I haven't been able to make it work with the settlement claims option turned on.