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    ok, so I am trying to make more loot (food and weapons, animals, and cars) and change the values in the types.xml and at first it seems like it works but then I log on another day and it seems like I now can't find loot anywhere. SO MANY empty houses, buildings, sheds, etc help me please?;( Oh and also, why does my server still say version 1.12 instead of 1.27?

    Hey. so I am renting a server and I have absolutely no idea how to do mods or raise the quantities of things. I was just wondering if there was anybody who could help me. I have tried to do it watching youtube vids and I always do something wrong or something because nothing ever works. So does anybody by any chance have like whatever xml files that I would need to: 1) Increase loot by like 8X 2) especially Weapons drops because I kinda want it similar to deathmatch weapon drops. 3) Cars that are fully put together except for like the battery, spark plug, and radiator. Or perhaps even fully assembled in pristine condition. 4) slightly less zombie hoards 5) slightly more bear encounters 6) Guns that come fully loaded with mags, ammo, suppressor, and scopes and 7)Stamina that doesn't deplete and last 8) A trader please. If anybody could assist me with this that would be very awesome of you. Thanks for reading my post.