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    Heyo! I don't know if i am the only one who has this issue but i dont have the night time acceleration lines when editing the time acceleration but i found a way to accelerate night time so if anyone has the same issue all you gotta do is

    go to config files under the settings tab where you find the time acceleration aswell and under the serverTimeAcceleration=0; you wanna add this line serverNightTimeAcceleration=0; but instead of the 0 at the end you can change it to whatever. and then boom you have night time acceleration! Idk if anyone will find this useful but yah incase you need this help!

    so i bought a 10 slots 30 day server for testing then i thought i would make it a public server so i bought an extra 90 days and it was on 120 days but then i wanted to extend the player slots aswell so i bought an extra 32 player slots 90 days more and it promised me a 210 32 player server but then when i bought it it went from 210 to 79 days almost instantly and i refreshed the page 3 times and its still 72 days so i dont know what it is if its a common bug or something but i would like to get some help i will attach a screenshot of my purshases and my server