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    hamed126 you can try restoring a backup to before the error occurred or you can submit a support ticket and support can take a look at whats causing it

    Can we do a class/community support ticket with 100 names to get their attention faster than a few days? LOL
    I don't think the problem is isolated but would love to be wrong. :)

    PS Already tried the backup trick on one server, no difference. Will try again and any other tricks I haven't heard of before.

    It can take a little bit of time after an update to come back up.

    How many hours is a bit of time?

    3 Servers been in 'updating' or 'restarting' and both on and off for 3 hours. (Force start & stop also don't do anything.)
    Others with XBox servers mentioned their servers were still down as well.

    Is there maybe a larger outage issue or borked update?