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    I will say my server logs have a lot of errors/warnings about missing plugins on startup & missing assets etc ( its EA right) but i also have those events you mention logged during which time my server was online and being played on. My server became unavailable this evening but i dont think those events match up timewise for me.

    @Merlin check if your server logs state;

    LogOnline: Display: STEAM: Loading Steam SDK 1.39

    LogOnline: Warning: STEAM: Failed to initialize Steam, this could be due to a Steam server and client running on the same machine.

    My server was available for a few days ( i first had to move server locations due to what i believe was a bad setup on the first one) but my server just restarted tonight for an unknowm reason and now its changed ports and cant be found even though its running.

    Be interesting to see if you also have the same events logged above, im guessing the steam API then fails to register the server as being available so you cant connect to it.

    Rented a Nitrado server and its showing as installed and running, but its not functional at all. Can't connect to it via steam, find it in server listings etc?

    Restarted, even reinstalled but its still not available.

    Now day 2 waiting for assistance in support ticket, anyone got any ideas on how to make it available for use?