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    I want to be able to manage the players on my server. As of right now I can only see the amount of players who are online, but not who. I can't even kick someone out if I wanted to. I'd also like to be able to white-/blacklist people. How do I do? I only have the following items in the menu:



    Event Log

    Log files




    Restore backup

    Automated Tasks




    Then I have some player count graph on the dashboard, showing me the amount of players online, CPU and RAM usage. That's pretty much it.

    So if I want another region I'll have to extend the subscription with another $10+ a month? And then another $10+ a month for yet another grid? Is that how this works?

    Edit: Also, does the original nitrado region (the one we get if we don't install another map, like the 11x11 or 5x15 ones) include different biomes in the same region?

    I'm confused. I thought a base subscription on the Xbox server (Steam crossplay) were to include a grid of 2x2 regions, but I only have 1 region to play on. I did choose an official 15x15 map, and chose H5 as my home region, but I thought I'd at least be able to sail to 3 adjacent regions. Is it because I chose this map and didn't go with the ordinary one? Or does a subscription only include 1 region?