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    Best this to do is download beakon u can add rockdraks to any location you want just get your admin gun out find out the location with the yellow admin gun and put it into beakon then give it time rock drakes will drop the eggs I've just done it to crystal isles

    Try and use a code to replace all the queenbee's beakon helps give it a download u can add or completely replace there spawns might be something in that location that keeps crashing it

    if your wanting to do your own server and start from fresh I really recommend you buying beakon really helps and saves you time

    thankyou do much it work if u could help me with one last thing i have dinocountmultiplier=2.0 i do a dino wipe and it dosent seem like theres many dinos around some places dont even have dinos i wait about 2hrs and still not alot of dinos this is crystal isle

    do u have any idea whats going wrong

    hi all im on crystal isles and im trying to spawn in a astrocetus (SpaceWhale) and its invisible i no u can have them on the crystal isles becuase an admin spawned them in on there server how do i make them visible? im using this command

    admincheat Summon SpaceWhale_Character_BP_C

    I stopped the server added the code and the started the server back up and yeah I saved the settings do I have to restart the server aswell? And yeah I also done a dino wipe and waited atleast 2 hours

    hi all im wanting the 3 titans to spawn on my map ive looked at a youtube video and ive done the codes and put them in my game.ini but there not spawning in have i done this correct if someone could tell me plz




    right so I'm on my server and I tried to spawn a spacewhale in and it's invisible also if I try and spawn a broodmother or other types of bosses it don't spawn in how can I fix this

    if I want more dinos to spawn on my map how do I do it as when I'm on the server there isn't many dinos spawning I want loads

    hi all I was just wondering if anyone has a .ini code so I can add different dinos to my crystal isles pvp map if so thankyou