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    I followed this guide from the site;
    I was able to add the server to my server list, refresh, connect, type the password and wait a sec. Then it gives me the "Failed to connect" advisory.

    (side rant)
    Tired already of this giving me issues, I've been trying to connect to it for 2 days now. I called and the guy I spoke with just restarted the server as if I couldn't think of that, called again today and waited like 20 minutes just for the guy's connection to not be able to hear me. The dudes talking on the phone need to slow down.

    I bought the 90 day server plan, set it up, and I go to connect to the IP listed under "IP Address" in the Dashboard tab, it asks for a password, I type it correctly with case sensitivity and even if I wait and try again or try immediately it keeps telling me the password is wrong. I've changed it maybe twice now and no results. Called the help line and he said he restarted the server and I had to manually force start it just an hour ago, still "Incorrect password."

    Tried connecting to the query and rcon ports, took away the last digit. All fail to connect completely.

    I just tried adding it to my Steam favorites, like in the video except when you get to click what game the IP is for it just says server not responding