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    I've had a Nitrado ARK server for a couple of weeks now and everything has been pretty much dandy until the last couple of days. In the past 24 hours my server has crashed multiple times with a variety of error messages. 'Outgoing reliable buffer overflow' has shown its face a couple of times, but I've also just had a simple 'Lost connection to host' and similar.

    I've checked the server logs and the only thing of any note is that I'm missing a closing parenthesis in one of my strings of code in game.ini that adds roll rats, shinehorns and gacha to the redwoods biome.

    Last night my friend and I sat for over an hour waiting for the server to crash fully after kicking us out so we could rejoin. I tried stopping and restarting it to speed up the process only to be stuck on 'restarting' in the web UI. The crash caused so much havoc we had to rollback, only to crash again today and find ourselves once again staring at our server in the list with 2/10 players shown, ie; waiting for it to die again so it can restart.

    I can't imagine the missing parenthesis is causing this much trouble, as that string of code predates these issues. What's going on?

    I recently rented a 10 slot server and have been trying to add a few Aberration spawns and engrams to the Ragnarok map, in addition to removing microraptor, pegomastax, ichthyornis and eurypterid entirely. I think removing those spawns has worked, but I'm not seeing any of the creatures I added and the engrams are still unavailable.

    Would someone take a look at my config and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!

    ARK config - (server name, password etc edited out)

    Also if anyone could clarify the breeding multipliers, that'd be great? Turned the mating interval down to 0.2 and it's still HOURS. Is that right?