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    Good evening,

    i am not on xbox or even playstation so i dont know where it is exactly.

    but I know what you are looking for is in the "cfgspawnabletypes.xml" file.

    it is this file which allows you to configure the weapons, vehicles etc ... as you wish them to appear on the map.

    Good evening everyone,

    I have already looked elsewhere, before bothering you :).

    but I did not find anything.

    I am in the process of completely redoing my files: types.xml, cfgspawnabletypes.xml and cfgrandompresets.xml and others.

    in cfgspawnabletypes, at the SVD line, I have this:

    <type name = "SVD">

    <subcounter min = "30" max = "60" />

    <chance attachments = "0.10">

    <item name = "Mag_SVD_10Rnd" chance = "1.00" />


    <chance attachments = "0.50">

    <item name = "KashtanOptic" chance = "0.50" />

    <item name = "PSO11Optic" chance = "0.30" />



    my question (probably stupid) is: what does this line mean:

    <subcounter min = "30" max = "60" /> :?::?:

    Thank you for your answers.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:



    normally these are public servers, but you can put a password there. this is exactly what I did for my servers, they are public, but since I put a password, there is no one who can enter, without the password.

    Good evening,

    okay, another problem has arisen.

    when it launches the page where there are my two servers, it goes around in circles for 1mn and I have this message:

    504 Gateway Time-out

    The server didn't respond in time.

    does anyone else have this concern, or a solution?

    thank you in advance.

    ps:if it hasn't come back tomorrow morning, then I'll send a ticket to support.

    What's everyones favorite game or games you've ever played? It can be new or old.

    I think for me it has to Be Chrono Trigger or FF7. Pretty close between those two!

    good evening, for me my favorite games have been Fallout 4 for about 2,600 hours.

    right now and for a long time I think, it's Dayz. I love Dayz, because you can mod and the atmosphere of the games, I love it.


    well, I am creating a complete set in Fr camouflage for my server.

    my problem is that I can't find the ".........._ colorbase for the military belt.

    for example: for the assault bag, I know it is "assaultbag_colorbase.

    but I can't find the one for the military belt.

    it's been 4 hours since I kill myself :).

    if you have an idea, you will be my savior :).

    thank you in advance


    edit: ada2e27865.png


    the items that you see in the two links, work very well in games, but the belt is not displayed, it is present, but it is invisible.

    Hi guys,

    I have set my server to shutdown via the Messages.xml file but every so often it won’t restart itself. It does it most the time but I’d say atleast once a day, myself or one of the other admins have to manually restart it.

    Anyone else had this issue and if so, how they resolved it?


    Personally, I use the "automated task" and I never have any problems at this level.

    my server restarted well after the hours that I put in the automated task.

    give it a try, it might solve your problem.

    Try to use with my Dayz PC server ... the website need Rcon password!

    Anyone know where i will find it?



    in expert mode it is:

    when you are on your server page. on the left you click "config file", where it is ecirt "passwordadmin" is your rcon.

    in normal mode:

    on the left, you click on "general". your RCON is on the 3rd line.

    it's not your fault, but thanks, that's kind of you. there's more to wait :)

    have a good day.


    I sent on the same ticket, what you told me, that my server is blocked in "boot loop". I hope it will go faster :).

    thank you

    well, I spoke too quickly.

    I did recover my server, but it was impossible to start it, it remains blocked during startup. after a while I can click "force start" or "force stop", but it doesn't work.

    do you have any idea what i can do? or do I have to contact support again?