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    As the title says this is an issue that spans multiple mods that have modded furniture into the game, From tents to workbenches and so on. I've changed the lifetime to the famous 3888000 numeral and I am still having issues. Whenever I place items from DayZ Standalone those tents stay there just fine. Is there some setting I need to uncheck/check? Is there an additional file I need to look at? Someone please help because at this point I'm near giving up. Thank you for your time.

    Find a fresh vanilla types.xml and cross check, and for future reference, always make a backup of the original untouched file.

    Thank you, I've been doing that for some time and I honestly cannot tell where I've failed. Any website that I could upload the file to used to give me some error message saying I couldn't upload the file (for loot spawn %'s). I went through and found every error I could, with a helpful person and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is incorrect. My backup is a couple days behind but I am afraid of copy/pasting the same error in there. Really saddens me.


    Been modding my server and along the way I seem to have picked up some sort of error on my types file. Given my lack of experience was wondering if there was anyone who could look through it and find the error? I know it's a bit of work but I am at a bit of a loss here. It would be much appreciated.