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    I can confirm that on the server side the value for m_dataPerSec is equal to the original value 61440 bps multiplied by four (245760 bps). I've adjusted my client to use the same value.

    My friend after adjusting his client and verifying that the fix worked (by pressing f2 he confirmed that he was exceeding 61440 bps); he was still getting rubber banding and lag. Perhaps it helps but there seems to be an underlying issue. Doing some research it appears this is an issue with the game rather than the server - but I've only used this one server extensively so I don't have a benchmark - it does seem like lots of players from different hosts are having issues.

    Just unfortunate that when playing with a buddy - especially during intense moments in game - one of us is going to rubberband.

    My ping to the server is 22ms. His is a bit higher at ~60ms.