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    I have generated a serve on the correct modpack and I have loaded an instance through the AT launcher. I have checked my end was correct by joining a public server for the yogscast modpack, however when I put the IP in for the server that i'm hosting through Nitrado it can't find it. Wondering if there's a step i've missed.

    Hey, so i have bought a server and installed the Tekkit (Technic launcher) game on to it, which in the description mentions multiple mod packs including the one me and my friends want to play which is 'the 1.7.10 pack'. However after installing and running i cant connect to the server as there are mod mismatches and i can disable some of the pre-installed mods that are not used in the mod pack but there are still a lot of mods from that pack missing and i don't know how to set the server up specifically so that i can run that modpack. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.