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    Hey guys im looking to adjust my economy file to where loot on the ground would change with a restart but my tent or barrel with stuff in it or base would stay. Sorry if this is a basic question, just in need of a little guidance..

    In the globals.xml file the WorldWetTempUpdate setting is defined as

    "Allow update of wetness and temperature values on all items in the world."

    The value is an integer 0/1 on/off right? So if i turn this to 0 will it disable clothes getting wet and the player getting cold?

    edit: am currently testing, will update.

    Can anyone provide some documentation on the economy file? I have looked over the bohemia information and did not find anything that broke down each tag and what the settings within all did. Any help would be appreciated.

    Yesterday when browsing this forum I saw a post stating the admin could not join their own server but could join others. Had the error "Connecting Failed - An unknown error occurred" appear at the top of the screen and the server list would go away for a few seconds and come back upon attempting to join their own server. But user could join other servers just fine.

    I attempted to be helpful and suggest basic troubleshooting steps like restarting game/console, restarting server, reinstalling game, reinstalling server, etc.. As soon as I close out of the forum and go back to log into my own server... BOOM! The exact same issue happened to me. Coincidence? I think not.

    When faced with this issue myself yesterday I first restarted the game, to no avail. Then restarted my Xbox One S, to no avail. Then I restarted my server, to no avail. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game from and back onto my Samsung 500gb SSD, to no avail. I restarted the server again and I was back in.

    Server name: "PVP CITY NWAF" with start of header ascii 01 preceding. I have been able to join without issue for months now and then experience this issue twice in two days. I am going to continue troubleshooting.

    I am also now getting an error on my server interface page. I was logged in and clicked the xbox dayz icon in the upper middle to refresh the page to dashboard.


    Oops... An error occurred

    If this is a temporary issue, please wait a few minutes and try it again. If the issue still exists, please contact our support team.

    Hostsystem not ready or offline, please try again later.


    My server is still online and is full.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    I am having the same issue again. I was playing on my server and i glitched and couldn't interact with anything. I logged off the game and then tried to get back on immediately and received the same connecting failed an unknown error occurred message at the top of the screen. The server list goes away and then comes back. The only troubleshooting I have completed so far is restarting the game = nothing. and restarting console = nothing. will continue troubleshooting. There are 23ish people of 32 currently on my server and I am on priority.

    Are other people having this issue?

    Have you checked banlist, reinstalled game on server, uninstalled and reinstalled the game on your console, reset console, tried on other consoles?

    This literally just started happening to me right after i commented here. I uninstalled the game on my console(xbox one s) and restarted my xbox and same issue. Server list disappears and connecting failed and unknown error occurred message appears.

    I removed myself from priority queue and im restarting the server. If that doesn't work i will be reinstalling the game server and will update with what happens.

    Hey buddy,

    Reading documentation about the code will be of tremendous help. Here are a couple sites that i have found to be very helpful:

    DayZ SA Server Mission Files – The Dead Return

    **Quick Server Configuration Guide for PC, XBOX, PS4 (Editing the mission XML files)** : dayz

    Don Sibley Games YouTube Channel

    ScaleSpeeder Gaming YouTube Channel

    First of all your active tag value is set to 0 which means off, change that to 1 for on.

    Also, 292 piles of wooden planks seems like a lot lol. Eight seems like a much more reasonable number considering each pile of planks has like 200+ planks.

    Go ahead and slap an a attribute with a -1 value in your position tag.

    As far as the event object naming. The system seems to really like names starting with Static and first letter caps like you have.

    Know your event limit type, if you don't see your intended item listed below try each of them until it works and then you will know for that item type. (data pulled from DayZ SA Server Mission Files – The Dead Return)

    LIMIT – Can be [child, custom, mixed].

    • MIXED – Used by objects that have their coordinates in cfgeventspawns.xml
      • AmbientHen, ItemPlanks, StaticFridgeTest, VehicleCivilianSedan, VehicleHatchback02, VehicleOffroadHatchback, VehicleSedan02, VehicleTruck01, TrajectoryApple, TrajectoryCanina, TrajectoryConiferous, TrajectoryDeciduous, TrajectoryHumus, TrajectoryPear, TrajectoryPlum, TrajectorySambucus, TrajectoryStones
    • CUSTOM – Used by objects that have their coordinates managed by mapgroupproto.xml and mapgroupcluster.xml (Loot) or *_territories.xml (Animals and Infected)
      • AnimalBear, AnimalCow, AnimalDeer, AnimalGoat, AnimalPig, AnimalRoeDeer, AnimalSheep, AnimalWildBoar, AnimalWolf, Infected*, Loot
      • It’s been shown that even if the Nominal/Min/Max are set to 0 for the Animal* events, they will still spawn, presumably because min/max are set on the children.
    • CHILD
      • StaticChristmasTree, StaticHeliCrash, StaticPoliceCar
      • Although this is used by StaticHeliCrash where each of the 2 children have a min=1 and max=3, it’s well known that there are only 3 heli crashes spawned at once (which is what Nominal is set to in the event)

    Your eventspawns file will call your event into existence and will have an event object like bnelow. Make sure the names are exactly identical.

    <event name="StaticItemPlanks">

    <pos x="4897.30" z="10639.43" a="0.0" />


    Make sure you are turning your server off for about 3-5 minutes before saving any code changes.

    If you changed your code correctly, spawned in items and events should appear immediately.

    Hopefully this information helps you.

    This will require multiple files. The examples below are what I have in my seachest, you can replace the items with other item names pulled from the types.xml file. There is a 100 slot limit.

    spawnabletypes file edit will control what is inside the seachest.


    events file edit will create a seachest item.


    cfgeventspawns.xml file edit will spawn in the seachest item. the x and z position is where it will spawn. You must obtain the coordinates from izurvive or similar . ( iSurvive Website )


    1. <event name="StaticSeaChest">
    2. <pos x="" z="" a="-1" />
    3. </event>

    Without seeing your code for the specific zombie(s) in spawnabletypes and your code for random presets it may be difficult to help. The chance values set the percentage chance of that item spawning. You also have inventory space limitations, zombies have like 12 slots of space available..

    Personally I used a set of cargo and attachment tags in the spawnabletypes file and randompresets file.

    I highly recommend watching a lot of donsibley games and scalespeeder games videos on youtube. they are both great and informative on the topics of console mods with the xml files.

    Make sure to turn off your server for 3-5 minutes before updating your code files.

    SpawnableTypes Code:

    1. <type name="ZmbM_usSoldier_normal_Woodland">
    2. <cargo preset="foodArmy" />
    3. <cargo preset="mixArmy" />
    4. <attachments preset="hatsArmy" />
    5. <attachments preset="bagsArmy" />
    6. <attachments preset="vestsArmy" />
    7. </type>

    Random Presets Code:

    Make sure you have set a custom name in the settings page of your nitrado site and when you go to search for a server on dayz switch the tab at the top to community and then bump over to the search area on the right and type in part or all of your server name. make sure to favorite it with Y after you locate it.

    I have a nwaf pvp high loot server. Things were going well before and loot spawned in just fine in containers, bunkers, etc but something has changed and custom buildings are taking priority?

    Recently I have had an issue where loot is not changing in default spawned buildings but in my custom buildings loot seems to be respawning(doubling) each restart.

    For example i have spawned in a "Land_Mil_Tent_Big1_1" building next to another of the same type and loot will spawn in the custom building but not the regular one right next to it. Maybe 1 item will spawn in the nwaf tent if you are lucky like a single platecarriervest but in the spawned in tent right next to it with obviously the same mapgroup rules will have 2 guns and 2 clothes and a bag.

    I have to restart the server with the buildings commented out and then restart again with the buildings back to reset the loot in the custom buildings but it keeps messing up.

    My code excerpts are below, please let me know if you have any information about how to resolve this.

    Event Code:

    MapGroup Code: