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    It doesnt work that way. The file is the inventory. And all 3 go together. Dinos and levels are in the mapfile, items in profile.

    Its how apps can read only the mapfile and get all the players dino info. This does sound like an corrupted file. Did you trying going back to older files? Could do that.

    You would have to get a 2nd server, upload items to Obs to transfer. Then on new server download them. You could change the time on the server to 3 days, collect what credit you can get, then get the second server.

    You could also contact Support and see what they say. They may just move the server. If you do, make sure you include all the info what you have done, and I would even put this link showing everything a mod attempted to help with.

    That's rough. I was hoping inventories were part of the character file. So I was thinking cryoing the dinos would basically be an item with some stored variables with stats, color regions and saddle info. that gets applied to a new instance of the same type of dino later. I was hoping I could cryo all dinos and have them on inventory if it was on my person.

    I really appreciate you trying to help me save my work. Unfortunately, I've tried this and it still wasn't working. Just for kicks and giggles, I restored only theisland.ark file by itself without characters or anything, started a new survivor, spawned a quetz, saddle and foundation and got the same problem. Unfortunately frustrating. :( Is there a way to keep the character files and the items in their inventory after restarting with a new map? That would be very helpful if possible.

    I'm sure that I've restored the files properly this time, and when I try to place an object on the platform saddle, it still doesn't work. Does that mean that I must start the entire server over from scratch? You say you've stopped using S+ and are now SS, but I'm not familiar enough with mods to know what SS is short for. I think I figured it out searching for S+ alternatives... Super Structures?

    Based on your results it does sound like a corrupted file. The only way to restore is restoring from a a file that works. And you have no way of knowing. Basically you have to restore file by file until you discover the one that works. You could have been using a bad file for some time. If the profile got corrupted, you wont be able to recover more than likely since no additional backups exist of that file.

    Are you 100% sure you are restoring the files/game correctly? If you feel 100% sure you are, then even more so it points to a corrupted file.

    You could reach out to Nitrado Support and give them the story and see if they might help. Being its does appear corrupted or mod related.

    I'm not 100% sure I'm restoring correctly. Before reinstalling the server, I downloaded the entire arkse folder through FTP. After testing and finding that the saddles now worked as intended, I copied the arkse folder back through FTP. When that didn't work, I reinstalled again and again copied the arkse contents over to the server through FTP. It still didn't work. I removed the mod directory to a different temporary directory, reinstalled again, and copied the folder to the server once more without the mod directory. It still didn't work. If I'm missing something, let me know.

    You could just try a reinstall of the game (backup all your gamefiles though first as they will delete with a reinstall), just load the mod. Then test. dont restore anything at this point. If it works then more than likely you have a corrupted gamefile. And if that is true, you are not able to every use that corrupted file.

    I reinstalled the server, and then installed the same mods I had. I spawned and force-tamed a quetzal. I created an S+ foundation and could place it as expected. I connected through FTP, reuploaded my backed up files, and I got the same problem again. How much of the world can be saved if any?

    I finally got around to trying this solution. It still gave the same error after removing S+. I'm having a bit of a problem restoring my structures now though. I backed up all files through FTP,and reinstalled the mod, but every time I restore the files and restart the server, all structures remain missing.

    I can't find any bee hives on the map ragnarok. Can someone help me pls?

    If you don't have any bee hives, it's possible that you are still stuck under the old server version's bug related to the bees and their hives. After updating, I had to destroy all wild dinos to start getting hives again (and to stop having invisible queen bees).

    Other posts already exist about this issue.

    S+ has an update. Update the mod. If it does not allow, do a forceupdate of the mod, then restart. See if that resolved the issue. Others have reported it did.


    I just tried forcing an update, and I still can't place structures. I couldn't find through the search others that had this issue. Would you be kind enough to link me to that thread?

    I can't build on my quetzal's platform saddle. I haven't seen any widespread problem with this being a bug, so I am thinking it's a server setting that I have which prevents it. Whenever I try to build on the platform saddle, it says at the top of the screen, "Can't place X. This structure is too far away from the platform!"

    Any structure I attempt to place gives the same error message, whether it's the S+ platform, S+ foundation or even a regular (non-S+) foundation. I've reviewed the server settings in expert mode, but I can't find what setting might be the issue. Or perhaps there is a rare bug that does occur that I can't find information on.

    I tried building a boat to see if it had the same issue. The boat did exhibit some issues. It wouldn't allow me to place a foundation just anywhere. The foundation needed to be very close to the rudder. Every other place provided the same error message as above. With this knowledge, I went back to my quetzal platform to see if there was anyplace that I could put a structure, and there was no place anywhere on the saddle that I could place anything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated to assist me in placing structures on the quetzal platform saddle. I'm at my wit's end. Thanks.

    This thread explains more in detail how updates work for all platforms and games:

    When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    Thank you for the information. It'd be nice for you if you could pin it somewhere more readily findable. Hopefully the update will be soon. This version is very broken as a player can't even make the highest tier of kibble or sweet vegetable cakes currently without bees and their hives.

    My server version shows that I'm currently 2 server versions behind (running 234.10, and 234.16 and 134.18 has since been released). I've still got invisible bees and no hives. I couldn't find anything in the Nitropedia stating that I need to manually update the servers. I didn't find anything in the web interface for updating manually either. Are they supposed to push the updates or am I supposed to update manually through FTP or something? Can I? I'd like to get some honey, but yeah...