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    thanks for replying, could you perhaps advise on some other issue:

    I have a dilemma. I run 4x4 Atlas cluster and for some reason, it only allows me to level once after I visit an island. No matter how much exp I assign to the islands in the grid, it seems to only give me enough for 1 level, then I have to go to another island to get more DP, and only 1 more level opens. I bet I have messed up one of the multiplies. Can someone please advise, which mulpitplier be responsible for this kind of level limitation? I am only level 10, so I don't need thousands and thousands of DP yet. Each island now gives me 1000 dp, some 2000 dp. But even with 2400dp I can only be level 11.

    Also, this morning after server restart, everything all of a sudden weighs a TON more... I wonder if the last update increased items weights...

    Forgot to state that this wasn't a visual bug, I couldn't connect to the game either. Had to restore the backup from previous date, something corrupted the save... Since then, I had a similar issue with my another main and expansion servers. These were a new game and I had to reinstall the servers. Odd.

    You actually need Valheim Plus ONLY on your local client, don't even need it on the server, unless, you plan to use the server side features, like increasing the amount of players on the server, etc. Things like day/night cycle, inventory and all the other settings that affect your character, for those you only need to have client based Valheim Plus. This is verified because that is how we played with my buddy. V+ was crashing the server, so we had to restore the server and only had V+ left client based, and the MOD worked on both his character and mine, while connected to our DEDI server, even though there was no V+ server side. The only thing is that you may to share the config file with your friends, who play on Dedi server with you, cause if you have different daynight cycle setting for example, there will be strange issues, like desync.

    Don't know, if this may be related to the game update, or more to Nitrado servers? My server this morning after restart all of a sudden shows 0 of 0 player slots available. I am paid for 3 more weeks. I didn't change any player counts or anything related like that in any ini files. There was an update to the game last night though. What should I check?

    Hi, I have switched my old cluster server to Blackwood. Did a full wipe and even Reinstalled the server and then switched to Blackwood again. I've also completely uninstalled the client on my PC and deleted the SAVED folder both on my PC and on the server. When I try to connect to the IP address of the server, it opens the game, sits there for a bit and then just switches to the game Main Menu, that's it. Please advise, what else I may need to do to be able to run Blackwood server. Thanks in advance.


    Try switching games then switching back to Atlas expansion servers this shoukd fix the server is shutting down issue.

    Yes, already tried. If I try to do that, it says "server is busy, please try again later". It's been over 12 hours now, and ALL my expansion servers are unresponsive with the same issue - stuck on 'server is shutting down' and there is nothing I can do with either of them.

    I have questions about expansion servers. Say I have 1 main server and a few expansion servers and 4x4 grid. I don't want to spend money on all the expansion servers to activate my whole grid - all 16 cells. What happens to the inactive parts of my grid in game? I guess that part of the grid won't be active and I wont be able to sail there, correct? Can I turn off and on parts of the grid in the existing game? What happens to the structures of the grid cell that I will deactivate? Will everything be wiped? Say I want to switch from one cell to another, and then back, or if I have 4x4 grid, then I have to have all the cells active with expansion servers at all times, or I'll lose all my stuff I left in a previous cell, as soon as I deactivate it? Thanks in advance.

    I just changed the number of slots from 4 to 10 on all the expansion servers to be able to change to Atlas (Expansion) and all the expansion servers are stuck in "The Server is Shutting Down" status. Please advise how to proceed.