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    ARP PS4 won't get access, sorry. (Nothing nitrado can change)

    Im currently not sure if the support can move a savegame for you, in case it is important to you, contact the support directly.

    alright i'll open a ticket and see what can be done... I guess my buddy was using a pc server then...

    thank you

    ok, I guess back to searching, whenever you get an answer please feel free to respond... I know others who have locally saved a gamesave file, and done this exact same thing i'm looking to do with their ps4 clusters... just not sure why my FTP protocols aren't showing up when theirs did..

    You won't get access to the files for every game. For certain games, nitrado isn't allowed to give the users access to the filesystem.

    Tell us the game and we might be able to tell you more.

    I am playing Ark, and i am trying to move my save file from one of my servers to the other, I have found that the lag in one of the dlc maps requires more to run it smoothly... one of our servers has a larger ram we rented and the other doesn't... we wanted to move the save file from our main server over to the clustered server... how is it possible to do this when everything says that the FTP information is supposed to be accessible right away..

    also there has been a lot of building on the one map we don't wish to lose... is there something I should have clicked to give me access ??