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    No, no bet. 100% just confirmed it. Loaded in to a completely wiped server.

    I swear to all that is holy if this backup save doesn't load properly or if it backs us up too far, I am calling them as soon as they open and I will raise Caine the likes of which they haven't seen before. I do not PAY for this to get ripped off!!

    No my dude, this is a Nitrado issue. Always has been. They have a date from WC that the update is available for consoles. They do not prepare & do not update their clients' servers correctly and in a timely fashion - my Ark has updated just fine, but my rented servers are still running the old version. This happens for up to a week after an update & usually only gets resolved through a support ticket for those that aren't lucky enough to get the update the day of it's implementation.

    This is sloppy, unprofessional, and completely preventable by the hosting company. They just choose not to.

    Seriously, take the time to write their support people and complain. People only learn lessons in life two ways: pain or money. Maybe if they lose enough on their bottom dollar, they will finally start caring.

    30 minutes later & still no update on even an ETA of a fix, too. Great, well done.

    I wish there were other companies to rent Xbox servers from - I literally would take any other company over one that squanders time and money in such a fashion, all the while having rude support people over the phone tell us to basically get bent and check the forums. I hope the mods here are getting paid triple what the people at the call center are... you're doing your job and theirs...

    Betting it has something to do with the updates not rolling out like they should.

    Can you also ask them why this keeps happening? I've been a paying customer for several months now and this is the same issue Nitrado has had with every single update. Like, it's just a sickeningly low level of indifference on their part at this point; if they truly cared about their PAYING customers, they would find a way to make this process a lot smoother than it is.

    Lmao this again. I wondered why I didn't get notified that my servers would be down for the update.

    I'll be sure to call in and get the wasted day credited to my account - AGAIN - because we had a batch of Wyvern eggs hatching that won't be able to be replaced. Last time it was Gigas. I'm getting sick of all the lost time and effort caused by this company not having their act together.

    Everyone just got booted from my Ark servers & are now getting the classic "Joining Failed Could not retrieve address" error. :rolleyes:

    So... Is there at least an ETA for when this will be resolved, something I can take back to my players?

    Find your server here on your account under "My Services" - that should tell you the name.

    The constant restart loop is due to the Ark update that hit a little bit ago; Nitrado never plans properly for this so your server will be down/unavailable for quite some time tonight and possibly into tomorrow anyway. I suggest you keep a record of the length of the outage and then contact customer service to get reimbursed for the time you lost that you've already paid for. Maybe if enough of us start doing this they will wake up and actually do something more proactive about it than just having forum sticky posts telling us to be patient. If it starts hurting their bottom dollar, they'll start to care.

    It's thanks to Nitrado not knowing how to properly manage an update release on the day of the event despite knowing in advance what's going to happen to their servers. We have the same issue every single update/patch. Every single one. That's why there's a sticky thread that gets put at the top of the forum list every single update; allow me to paraphrase - "we are aware of the issue but we don't actually care enough to prevent it from continuing to happen so have patience while we screw you out of a day or two of run time you've already paid for". Been a customer since April this year and it's always the same lol - you think they'd get better about it but what do they really care, they have our money. Anyway.

    Give it another day or two and maybe they'll finally have everyone's rented servers updated. Try refreshing your browser window while it's stuck on restarting and force stop it for a few hours then try again.

    Xbox user here - yes, my server just got stuck on this as well after attempting a dino wipe/restart like I normally do once a week... really frustrating as this is the second time in a week my server has been down for this issue (the other was a restart to change back a previously tweaked setting).

    Only thing that fixed it last time was force stopping it once the option finally came up and then leaving it down for about four hours (much to my players' upset) until Nitrado could get its crap together and get their servers worked out. Unless someone else has another fix..?

    Okay, so my buddy and I finally got our server up and going. The problem is, when one of us uses the Admin password to unlock/use the admin controls in-game/in session, it changes the password people need to use to join the server. Every single time. Which has been a bit of a major issue. Anyone know why this is happening?

    None of that showed up on the mobile browser... which is crap. Can't wait to talk to support to get my money back.

    At any rate, I bought an Xbox server as well and it took a friend of mine and I 2 days to finally get it listed; Nitrado's interface is about as user friendly as napalm body wash.

    ok if you purchased this server on your mobile phone. Then most likely you purchased the wrong server. An xbox server is only cross play with windows 10 and xbox consoles. These server can only be purchased via the nitrado app on the xbox itself or the nitrado app from the Microsoft store on a windows 10 PC. It should say what type of server you purchased

    This is what it literally says on my server profile homepage thingy:

    Guarma Public Server 10 Slots

    ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) / Ragnarok pbg.png

    Show server profile
    27 Days

    .... it's a PC server that Xboxes are supposed to be able to connect to, right?

    This is what I'm trying to do:

    Host a server through Nitrado that will allow my friends and I, on either PC or Xbox, to play together. A few of my friends switch back and forth between them. I am on Xbox only.

    I do not have the two Xboxes to do the dedicated server hosting the way most people seem to be doing it. We're all tired of being tethered to the host of the server when doing a non-dedicated server, and one of them mentioned renting a server through Nitrado to host it 3rd party so we could all play together on an actual dedicated server.

    Actually, I had initially rented the server on my mobile phone - there were no warnings visible on the screen at any time. On the actual computer web browsers I am sure there are, but the mobile browser no. And I spent a LOT of time looking at each screen as I had to manipulate them just so to tick the "terms of service" boxes because they were maybe 2 pixels big... or to just select the Dodo deal in general... it was a chore but I spent quite a bit of time staring at each section of the website through the entire purchase process and it never once indicated anything about Xbox purchases being separately handled.

    Am I actually going to be able to use this server, or am I screwed? I have to have an app to do it instead of just using the browser regularly like I am now - that's what you're telling me? Is there no way to just switch it on the site as is, or to connect to it through my Xbox as is?

    I'm trying to see if maybe I messed up -- I'm seeing something on one of the service screens that Xbox servers can only be bought/rented through the Nitrado app on Xbox? But I have also seen that people have set up PC servers that Xbox users can connect to. I'm totally lost right now, this is less clear than mud...

    I'm trying to see if maybe I messed up -- I'm seeing something on one of the service screens that Xbox servers can only be bought/rented through the Nitrado app on Xbox? But I have also seen that people have set up PC servers that Xbox users can connect to. I'm totally lost right now, this is less clear than mud...

    I'm trying to see if maybe I messed up -- I'm seeing something on one of the service screens that Xbox servers can only be bought/rented through the Nitrado app on Xbox? But I have also seen that people have set up PC servers that Xbox users can connect to. I'm totally lost right now, this is less clear than mud...

    Okay, so I'm a newbie to Nitrado and am having major issues with the server setup. I've gone through the wiki, the sticky post at the top of this support forum, watched a few tutorial videos on how to set all this up on Youtube, and have followed them to the T. I renamed my server something simple, set an easy password, then I saved and restarted the server, and when I pull up the "join" screen in-game and try to search for my server... my server still isn't listed.

    Server map:

    - Ragnarok

    What I have on the in-game search screen:

    - Unofficial PC sessions is selected

    - Show password protected is checked

    - ALL MAPS and ALL MODS are selected

    - My server name is in the name filter box

    Soooo.... what am I missing..?