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    The override is set to 100. I meant for it to be 10 but in my haste i guess i guess i put too many zeros.

    I have tried to change it multiple time but no dice. I will try waiting 4 hours after i change it again. Hopefully this works.

    Start off this is my second attempt at setting up a server. I am using expert mode. I wanted to increase the level of dinos. I was successful in doing so but went a little overboard. This server was designed to be a minimally boosted server. So when there are dinos at 2600 I have no chance which makes the game less fun. I have attempted to lower the difficulty to reduce the levels but even though i save it the server won't change. I even destroyed all dinos before and after the restart. I then tried to lower the dino resistance to make it a bit easier but i am unable to fine that setting in the game.ini file.