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    Anyone else have been having issues with the servers over the past couple of days. Yesterday, the servers keep going down every hour or so for a few hours, then now, at the time of me writing this, nobody can connect to our servers. I am just trying to verify that it is not just us having this issue.

    I have tried restarting the servers, stopping then restarting them, and nothing is working, so I am guessing that it is something on NITRADO side since looking through all the server listing for custom servers, they are all showing empty.

    I think the best way to do this, and I am sure they probably would suggest this is to downgrade your current server to 10 slots and rent a second one. That's what I had to do. Your players will retain everything, and you will need to get your second server onto your account, (little tip, shut down your current server first when you go to enter in the "Game server registration key").

    You need to rent more than 1 server. Like my group, we rent two servers, so we can have a total of 2 tiles active at any time.

    It's very misleading in how it shows you can have 5, but only 1 active at one time and the documentation is terrible here about it.

    How long after Last Oasis releases a patch can we expect our servers to get the same patch? We seem not to be able to connect to our servers since this last patch, and I am guessing it's because the game server was not updated with the patch.